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Oral Surgery in Maple Ridge

White House Dental Center has an amazing caring and supportive team to assist in oral surgeries here in Maple Ridge, committed to patient care and quality dental work. We are proud to meet all sanitization and safety standards in the dental industry. Our homey facility offers a comforting feeling to our patients and our cutting-edge dental techniques allow us to be one of the best clinics for oral surgery in Maple Ridge. We are happy to provide our patients with a stress-free surgical experience and great level of patient care.

White House Dental Center offers full-scope oral surgeries using advanced technologies and the latest methods as our Dentists are always learning and expanding their knowledge. Our priority is to make sure that every appointment is as comfortable and convenient as possible. You can call the office directly at (604) 467-0063 today to schedule your oral surgery at our Maple Ridge office.

Top-Rated oral surgeries in Maple Ridge

White House Dental Center is a long standing locally owned Dental Clinic proud to offer oral and maxillofacial surgery practices in Maple Ridge. We take pride in offering a wide variety of oral surgeries, utilizing the most modern surgical treatments and diagnostic technologies.

Our Dentist’s here in Maple Ridge have extensive training and experience in dental surgical procedures, including dental implants and impacted teeth extractions. We care about your oral health beyond your expectations and focus on your treatment plan in great detail.

Our team of professionals in Maple Ridge provides you with a positive experience in our homey dental clinic, White House Dental Center!  Looking for top-quality oral surgery services in Maple Ridge and the surrounding neighborhood? Don’t hesitate to contact our office today, (604) 467-0063!

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The Most Common Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery refers to various surgical procedures carried out by a specialist in or around your mouth tissue. There are different types of oral surgeries, ranging from simple tooth extraction to complex dental implants. The most common oral surgeries include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal
  • Root canal therapy
  • Bone grafting surgery
  • Dental implants

Oral surgery, simple or complex, requires expertise and experience to be done with no complications or the need for emergency dental problems afterward. White House Dental Center can diagnose and treat a wide range oral and maxillofacial issues through quality oral surgery here in Maple Ridge.

Our staff is trained in sedation dentistry techniques and provides you with stress-free dental visits. Call us today to schedule your oral surgery appointment in Maple Ridge, (604) 467-0063.

Here at White House Dental Center, our top priority is to make sure that every appointment for all our patients is comfortable and convenient. Therefore, we offer a full range of oral surgeries using advanced technologies with the latest techniques.

Oral surgery Maple Ridge

The Recovery Time after Oral Surgery

To help with a quick recovery after receiving your oral surgery, be sure to follow all and any post-op instructions given by your dental provider. There are always a few normal complications, such as slight pain following your oral surgery, but the pain diminishes after a short while, thus fully restoring your oral health. You can expect to receive personalized dental care before, during and following your oral surgery in Maple Ridge.

We look forward to hearing from you, call us today to book, (604) 467-0063!

Bone Grafting in Maple Ridge for Permanent Dental Implants

Dental implants have become an increasingly popular treatment among those suffering from missing teeth because they feel, look, and function similarly to natural teeth. Unfortunately, not every patient is eligible for such an amazing treatment. For instance, insufficient jawbone density is one of the obstacles standing in patients’ way from getting dental implants.

However, White House Dental Center keeps up with dental advancements and offers bone grafting in Maple Ridge as a perfect solution.

We use the latest bone grafting techniques to stimulate your jawbone growth and create a stable and strong foundation for your dental implants. Our bone grafting surgery allows you to get dental implants with no worries and smile confidently once again. 

Call our office today and ask your questions about bone grafting services in Maple Ridge.

Suffering from Jawbone Loss?

Don’t worry, if your implant specialist has recently diagnosed that you can’t get dental implants because of your weak jawbone. We can make your dream smile come to life by performing bone-grafting and increasing your jawbone density. Insufficient bone density is a common issue for those who’ve lost their teeth a while ago and didn’t seek a replacement treatment.

Nevertheless, jawbone loss may occur due to other reasons, such as periodontal disease or smoking. Whatever the cause, we do our best to solve your problem of jawbone density with bone-grafting surgery in Maple Ridge, making it possible to place dental implants in the future. Get in touch with our dental team to schedule your consultation today, (604) 467-0063.  

What to Expect from Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Bone grafting is a type of oral surgery carried out in a dental clinic. If your jawbone is not dense enough, we suggest our Maple Ridge bone grafting service so that your jaw can securely hold the implanted teeth. The bone grafting procedure typically requires the need for local anesthesia.

The dental specialist may also apply sedation dentistry techniques to help you manage your anxiety during the surgery. Please note, you may need to wait around six months after bone grafting surgery to have your dental implants placed.

White House Dental Center provides patients with dental bone grafting in Maple Ridge to ensure their implants last a lifetime.

Give us a call now to book your appointment, (604) 467-0063.

Professional Bone Grafting Surgery for Maple Ridge Patients

White House Dental Center is glad to provide you with the highest-quality dental services, including bone grafting in Maple Ridge. Our dental professional’s will examine your jawbone and oral health precisely before beginning your treatment plan. This way they can consider every risk factor to keep your dental implants working perfectly down the road.

Our emergency dentist put all their effort into delivering world-class dental services, contact us to schedule your consultation today, (604) 467-0063.

Pain-Free Tooth Extraction in Maple Ridge

Our adult teeth are supposed to last us a lifetime, however a few dental problems or unforeseen accidents can make tooth extraction inevitable. White House Dental Center will come to your aid by providing professional tooth extraction services, whether your tooth is severely damaged,  decayed, or need orthodontic treatment.

We integrate the latest dental techniques with years of successful experience to deliver tooth removal services in our stress-free clinic. In need of tooth removal in Maple Ridge? Contact White House Dental Center and book your appointment right now.

Dental Extraction Services in Maple Ridge

We offer various techniques of tooth removal, regular or surgical, and other emergency dental services that may be necessary for your oral health. Our dental providers are highly trained in performing a tooth extraction, serving Maple Ridge and the surrounding neighborhood.

We also provide patients with complex surgical tooth extraction options with quick recovery afterward. You can have your tooth extracted at White House Dental Center and have no worries about the pain and bleeding. Your oral health is always our top priority, contact us at 604-467-0063 to book your consultation today!


Why Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The top priority for every dentist is to preserve the natural tooth for as long as possible. In better words, tooth extraction is typically the last line of defense, but tooth removal may become essential when your tooth is severely decayed or badly damaged. Sometimes, orthodontic treatment can be another reason that tooth extraction may be needed or recommended. Here is a list of main reasons for tooth extraction in our Maple Ridge clinic:

  • Tooth decay that causes deep cavities and extensive damage to your teeth. 
  • Gum disease and periodontitis that has made your gum tissue severely infected.
  • A broken tooth that the dentist can not restore its health and function 
  • And impacted tooth that has no room to grow properly
  • For placing dental implantsdental bridges, dentures, or dental crowns

No matter the reason, we at White House Dental Center are dedicated to helping those patients in need of professional tooth extraction in Maple Ridge. Our dental team benefits from extensive experience and expertise regarding tooth extraction and other required dental services. We can also offer to replace your extracted tooth with high-quality dental implants if our patients wish to have this done. Get in touch with our caring team and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, (604) 467-0063.

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