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Best-in-Class Orthodontic Care in Maple Ridge

Serving Maple Ridge and the neighboring area, White House Dental Center will get proud to be your clinic of choice for orthodontic care and gift you a perfectly aligned smile. Our professional orthodontists in Maple Ridge specialize in the most advanced techniques pertaining to braces and aligners.

We offer orthodontic treatment for our patients regardless of their age, ranging from children to adults. White House Dental team is dedicated to meeting the highest standards and helping you enjoy smiling throughout your life.

You will realize how welcoming and family-oriented the atmosphere is once you step into our dental clinic. Give our caring staff a phone call and book your appointment with one of the best Dentist in Maple Ridge.

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22574 Dewdney Trunk Rd Maple Ridge


22574 Dewdney Trunk Rd Maple Ridge

Top-Rated Orthodontic Treatment in Maple Ridge

Here at White House Dental Center, our mission is to provide affordable yet high-quality orthodontic services for Maple Ridge patients. Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, you can visit our Dentist in Maple Ridge to get a set of comfortable aligners.

You don’t need to struggle with dental imperfects such as gapped, crowded, or misaligned teeth. We make your smile perfect for you through orthodontics in the shortest possible time. We understand that a significant difference in the health and beauty of your smile means a significant impact on your self-confidence and every aspect of your life.

So, do not hesitate to begin a flawless Maple Ridge orthodontic treatment at White House Dental. We also offer dental veneers or teeth whitening. 

Orthodontist Maple Ridge

Ready To Start Your Smile Journey with Orthodontics?

Although orthodontic braces help you have a gorgeous smile, their benefits go beyond just addressing cosmetic concerns. In better words, orthodontics can create life-changing results more than just a beautiful smile. Teeth misalignment can lead to digestion issues and chewing difficulties that are preventable with on-time orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics is also a great way to improve your oral health as it prevents tooth decay and many other emergency dental issues. Here at White House Dental Center, we have helped many patients achieve a healthy smile through world-class orthodontic services in Maple Ridge. Our dental team will professionally be by your side from the beginning to the end of your orthodontic treatment. 

Give us a call to book your appointment now. 

Orthodontic Care for People of All Ages

Various fields of dentistry have improved significantly, and orthodontic care is no exception. Many patients assume that only teens and pre-teens can get orthodontic braces. Undeniably, orthodontics works faster and is highly effective for kids and teenagers, but adults can also benefit from orthodontic care as well as children.

According to the statistics, almost a quarter of patients seeking orthodontics in Maple ridge are adults above 22, and all of them are satisfied with their treatments. White House Dental Center is where you can receive the highest quality orthodontic care in Maple Ridge, regardless of your age. 

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Dental Implants

White House Dental takes pride in providing the best quality dental implants in Maple

Dental Veneers

Do you avoid smiling just because your teeth are cracked, chipped, gappy or discolored?


White House Dental strives to keep up with the latest dentistry treatments 

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Dental emergencies occur out of a sudden and require immediate care.

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