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Professional Teeth Whitening Maple Ridge

Gain a sparkling smile in a single dental visit

White House Dental Center is proud to offer quality teeth whitening in Maple Ridge and help you achieve your sparkling smile. Our teeth whitening treatment removes the unsightly stain and gives you the bright set of teeth you have always desired. Smoking, the aging process, certain foods and drinks, and poor oral hygiene may cause your teeth to lose their healthy luster.

No matter the reason, we can bring the sparkle back to your smile using advanced teeth whitening services in Maple RidgeWhite House Dental Center is the right place for getting affordable teeth whitening with safe and fast results.

Patients looking to enhance their self-confidence and improve their smiles can turn to our clinic for a professional teeth whitening procedure in Maple Ridge. Your dream smile is a call away. Contact us at 604-467-0063.

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22574 Dewdney Trunk Rd Maple Ridge


22574 Dewdney Trunk Rd Maple Ridge

Smile Confidently with Teeth Whitening Treatment in Maple Ridge

 It takes around an hour for teeth whitening to be completely done.

We start the whitening treatment with a thorough examination of your oral health condition. In this way, we find whether our Maple Ridge teeth whitening services are suitable for you or not. Teeth whitening experts at White House Dental Center return your smile to its natural whiteness most professionally.

We offer state-of-the-art whitening procedure to Maple Ridge residents with long-lasting results. You can always contact our clinic and consult with the caring dental team to make the best decisions about your whitening treatment in Maple Ridge.

Tooth whitening (bleaching) is a peroxide based bleaching agent that is applied to teeth to enhance and brighten one’s smile. At White House Dental we do have the options of inhouse whitening as well as take home kits for our bleaching program. There are certain medical and dental conditions that may make someone an unfit candidate for dental whitening.

Contact us today to see what bleaching options are best for you! And be sure to ask about our bleaching program!

*restorations will not lighten with whitening*

Teeth Whitening Maple Ridge

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Sometimes, our teeth’ yellow tones and stains do not go away despite regular brushing and flossing. You may think about teeth whitening treatment as a solution for your discolored teeth. However, you are not still sure if it is safe. In-office teeth whitening process does not harm your teeth as far as a professional dentist carries it out. Indeed, you can consult the dental experts and have your teeth whitened safely.

On the other hand, at-home teeth whitening kits may damage your teeth’ enamel, causing the need for emergency dental services. As a patient looking to get the highest-quality teeth whitening in Maple Ridge, you can always count on White House Dental team and enjoy smiling confidently. We would be proud to take your phone call and schedule an appointment with trusted Maple Ridge whitening experts.

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If you are looking for an affordable dental treatment for your teeth stains and discoloration, contact White House Dental Center and book a teeth whitening visit. We combine our experience and expertise with the latest dentistry techniques to provide top-quality services, including dental implantsdental veneers, and tooth extraction. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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